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unTill Air is designed for you with simplicity and user-friendliness take centre stage. Every entrepreneur should have access to a POS system that is professional and easy to use, without the need for explanations. A cash register system that allows you to get started right away. That's our guarantee.

All the features you need in a cash register system. No more, no less. With unTill Air, you always have control and benefit from powerful features to grow your business, wherever you are. Welcome to the future of seamless ordering and payment. Welcome to unTill Air.


Usable anytime, anywhere

Our mobile POS system is your partner and ready to support you. This user-friendly app is available for both Apple and Android devices and can be easily downloaded via the App Store or the Google Play Store. Connect your printer, card reader, or even a barcode scanner, and you can get started in no time!

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Real-time data

With unTill Air, you can track and manage various aspects of your business in real-time, thanks to an extensive range of reporting features. View your turnover per category, whether it's snacks, drinks, or tips. Moreover, with just one click, you can identify your most popular items and dishes, enabling you to make smart decisions to improve your business.


Convenient features

  1. Request courses with just one button press
  2. Add preset messages, such as 'gluten-free'
  3. Move tables and create various spaces
  4. Apply combination deals, happy hours, and discounts
  5. Easily split bills per item or in equal parts


Direct sales

Do you have your own retail business or provide services and are looking for a user-friendly POS system? Then the direct sales mode is ideal for you. Simply choose your products, services, or packages, and customers can pay directly. With the connected payment terminal via unTill Payments, you do not even have to enter the amount manually. This saves valuable time that you can use for things that really matter. Namely, interacting with your customers and optimising and managing your business.

Retail segment


Automation at its best

Especially when it comes to meat dishes, there are often various options for guests to choose from. How would you like your steak cooked? Which sauce do you prefer, and do you want an additional dish? You can make these questions mandatory so that the staff doesn't forget them. It also saves a lot of time: all options are displayed clearly.

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Create the best service

At a glance, you know the status. Are your guests still enjoying their starters, main course or are they almost done with dessert? You can tell by the colour of the table edges. Moreover, the icons clearly indicate whether a table has not ordered anything for a considerable time or has requested the bill. Convenient for your staff and your guests.

Hospitality segment


Ready for the future?

unTill Air is a cloud point-of-sale. This means that your data is securely stored on an external server. What does this bring you? You always have access to your POS system and back office as long as you are connected to the internet. Moreover, automatic updates ensure that your system is always up-to-date and works optimally.

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Segments: Hospitality

Welcome to unTill Air, where innovation and hospitality merge into a tasty experience. Whether you are the proud owner of a restaurant, bar, cafe, snack bar or beach pavilion, unTill Air understands the unique needs of your catering business.

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Segments: Retail

Welcome to unTill Air, your partner in optimizing transactions. Whether you run a boutique, electronics store, drugstore or other retail business, unTill Air understands the specific needs of the retail industry. Discover here what unTill Air can do for you.

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Segments: Market vendors

Do you regularly visit the market or are you the proud owner of a food truck? Then automation can certainly help you. No hassle, just a well-functioning cash register system. Discover the possibilities with unTill Air!

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Market vendors

Segments: Leisure

Create an unforgettable experience in your museum, cinema, theater or sports club. An automated cash register system that relieves your worries and lets your guests enjoy themselves. Discover the unTill Air cash register system for recreation!

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unTill Air

Hotel & restaurant KATOEN

'I did a lot of research before investing in a POS system. This turned out to be the best choice on the market. It is very straightforward and easy to use.'

Hotel & Restaurant KATOEN

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