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5 reasons to embrace hospitality automation

Efficiency and guest satisfaction are crucial in the hospitality industry. As an entrepreneur, how can you best respond to the ever-changing needs of your guests? Hospitality automation provides the answer! This term has conquered the hospitality sector, and in this article, we provide 5 reasons why it can also be a smart move for your business.

Innovation in hospitality automation

Continuous innovation in hospitality automation is driven by the increasing demand for efficiency, accuracy, and enhanced guest experiences. Moreover, finding (good) staff can be challenging for many entrepreneurs, making process automation more attractive. Even for small businesses, automation can have a significant impact.

Efficiency and convenience

Hospitality automation allows you to streamline your business processes, saving you and your staff valuable time. You can optimise the ordering and payment process with a smart POS system. From quickly taking and transmitting orders to handling payments, your guests will be impressed by the quick service! With a POS system, it is possible to use handheld devices or even phones or iPads to immediately send orders to the kitchen or bar. This ensures your guests get their drinks or dishes even faster. Connect a payment terminal easily with unTill Payments. Payments are transferred automatically from the POS to the payment terminal, reducing the risk of errors through manual entry.

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Satisfied guests and team

Satisfied guests are the key to success in hospitality, but do not forget that satisfied employees are the foundation of your business. With an intuitive POS system, staff can work independently without having to ask questions about the system. This gives your team more time for guest interactions.

unTill Air supports adding free and paid options, allowing guests to customise their orders, such as extra ingredients or special dietary requests. This happens automatically when entering the order through buttons that appear. Optimal hospitality and efficiency for yourself!

Cost savings

Cost savings are one of the key benefits of hospitality automation. A smart POS system ensures automation and reduces staff costs. This is an advantage because staff costs are often a reasonably large part of total expenses in the hospitality industry. With automation, you can effectively manage and reduce these costs. This is especially beneficial during busy periods when extra staff is needed.

Guests are increasingly using self-order kiosks, mobile apps, and QR codes to place orders and make payments. This also reduces the need for additional staff.

A convenient POS system does not have to be expensive. Cloud POS systems are especially easy to subscribe to through a subscription. No maintenance costs, and you only pay for what you use.

Manage your business with ease

Keeping track of administration can be a task, but with hospitality automation, keeping your business data is straightforward. Especially if you have multiple locations. Real-time insights and detailed reports provide you with a current overview of your turnover and popular dishes. This way, you can make informed decisions and save time to focus on what truly matters – your guests and your team!

Flexible and future-proof

With unTill, you have the freedom to grow and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. By investing in hospitality automation, you lay the foundation for a business ready for the future. More and more guests expect a digital experience in restaurants. This means they appreciate speed and the ability to order, pay, and leave feedback online. With a future-proof POS system, you can meet these expectations. The POS can be easily updated, ensuring your restaurant is always up-to-date and can take advantage of new opportunities to increase efficiency and enhance the guest experience.

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