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unTill Air: the retail cash register system

Welcome to unTill Air, your partner in optimizing transactions. Whether you run a boutique, electronics store, drugstore or other retail business, unTill Air understands the specific needs of the retail industry. Discover here what unTill Air can do for you.

Fast and efficient service

When visitors find the perfect product, you want to ensure that they can checkout effortlessly and quickly. The unTill Air POS system is designed for smooth transactions, giving customers the shopping experience they deserve.

  • Quick checkout with minimal actions
  • Easily add, remove or adjust products
  • Automate discounts and promotions during holidays

Flexible hardware use

With unTill Air you have the freedom to choose the hardware that best suits your retail business. Whether you want to use a tablet, phone or other device, unTill Air adapts to your needs. The unTill Air app is designed for Android and Apple devices and is easy to download from the App and Play Store.

  • View all product categories in one overview
  • Save items with a tap and delete them with a swipe
  • Use the search function to find articles even faster

Customer-centric shopping experience

A well-functioning cash register system is essential, both for you and your customers. unTill Payments assures you of a payment system where you get paid quickly and can easily connect your ATM. This allows you to offer customers various payment methods, so that you never have to say 'no' again.

  • Simple returns processing
  • Both physical and digital receipts
  • Secure payment methods

Track everything

Optimize your business performance by tracking real-time data and generating comprehensive reports. Discover which products or services sell best and attract new customers. With these insights you not only monitor the health of your company, but you also have the opportunity to respond strategically in areas such as sales and marketing.

Discover at a glance:

  • Discounts and promotions
  • Hourly payment details
  • Corrections made

In addition, unTill Air offers the option to view data from all your business locations and you can fully personalize reports. In short, stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions with unTill Air's extensive reporting features.

Scan & go

Connect your barcode scanner to your unTill Air device via Bluetooth. This way you can easily scan cards of items in your store or products in your supermarket or gas station. No more hassle with manual input or searching for products. Point the scanner at the barcode and voilà, the product has been added to the cash register. This way you make the checkout process even more efficient.

unTill Air: optimal for your hair salon

Did you know that unTill Air also fits seamlessly into a hair salon? Easily add all your services. You can also create specific categories for the hair products you offer. Connect your PIN device and receipt printer and start optimizing your hair studio immediately. Running a hair salon has never been easier with unTill Air.

The cash register system for wellness & beauty

A relaxed environment where guests can relax: you also want to maintain this atmosphere during checkout. In an instant you will immediately see an overview of all your treatments and packages. This makes the checkout process simple and with a linked PIN you ensure that no mistakes are made when transferring the amount.

Are you looking for a cash register system to which you can link reservation software? Then take a look at our unTill Prime package.

  • Accept all major cards and digital payment methods
  • Manage multiple locations
  • Create a customer-friendly payment experience


Integrate retail software

Would you like to integrate software for planning, accounting, payment or management, for example? Discover our unTill Prime package, which offers more than 100 integrations. Our resellers are happy to help you with this.

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