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5 reasons to use barcodes in the POS of retail stores

Whether you’re in the early stages of planning your retail venture or you are already managing a retail store business, this blog is created with you in mind. The challenges ahead are significant but there are plenty of opportunities to deal with them effectively. Among these opportunities is to use the barcodes directly in your POS (Point-of-Sale) system. Looking forward to hearing the arguments? Meet our 5 reasons to use barcodes in the POS of retail stores. 

Reason 1: Speed up

The peak hours in the retail stores can bring not only excitement over potential increased sales but also worries about how to serve everyone efficiently. Owners and managers are always keen in searching possibilities to avoid long queues and ensure a smooth shopping experience for clients at the Point-of-Sale. 

To achieve fast and efficient checkout for your customers, consider using barcodes. This can greatly speed up your business operations, especially if you already have the necessary equipment such as barcode scanners. 

With a barcode scanner, you can streamline the purchasing process, eliminating the need for your users to press multiple buttons or switch between departments looking for a particular item. All they need is the barcode scanner and the products the customer brings to the checkout. A few simple actions - pick up a product, point the scanner at the product’s barcode, and it’s instantly added to your POS, ready to be sold moments later.  

Now, you can serve and check out your customers quickly and confidently, knowing your POS optimised for efficiency. Say goodbye to long lines and confusion at your cash register and hello to an improved version of your POS system. The addition of barcodes changes everything, enhancing the POS to meet your retail needs perfectly.

Reason 2: High-accuracy

Have you ever experienced a situation when the cashier made a mistake while entering the products in the POS? On a busy day, it’s not uncommon for mistakes to happen. Once an error occurs, additional steps like voiding articles or reopening of the payment are needed. To manage purchases more efficiently, you can use barcodes as they guarantee a high-accuracy of the checkout.

With barcodes, there is hardly any chance for mistakes in identifying items because all products are clearly scanned and added to the purchase list. After scanning, all that’s left is to check out the clients -  nothing more! This simplicity reduces the likelihood of mistakes.

Reason 3: Team-friendly

Learning any POS system, even the most user-friendly ones, takes some time. As a manager, you will need to train your team on handling purchases and processing payments. With straightforward and easy-to-use apps like unTill Air, training your team is not a problem at all, but adding barcodes to the mix simplifies the task even further. 

Employees can scan barcodes without needing to navigate the POS interface, unless it’s time to check out. Products are added immediately after scanning, avoiding the necessity to go through departments, articles, and other interface elements. This approach makes the training of staff easier, which is an ideal solution for retail stores looking to ease the learning process.

Reason 4: Customer experience

No one enjoys waiting in queues or experiencing slow service. From a customer’s perspective, everything should be quick, seamless, and clear. By adding barcodes, you can offer exactly this type of shopping experience. 

Customers in your retail store can easily see what they are buying and watch as their chosen physical products are turned into the digital ones present in the POS through barcode scanning. With the barcodes, the POS system’s transparency reaches new heights! Barcodes ensure the clients receive top-notch service and therefore an exceptional shopping experience, increasing the possibility of their return to your Point of Sale. Moreover, their positive experience may lead to word-of-mouth promotion for your establishment. 

Reason 5: Security comes first

Among the advantages of implementing barcodes, enhancing security is notably significant. Usage of the barcodes allows you to prevent any theft and fraud risks at your Point-of-Sale. The risk of any cheating with prices and articles can be decreased by introducing barcodes in the POS because every barcode directly corresponds to specific product information.

unTill Air: seamless experience and barcodes included

In our POS solution, configuring barcodes is a straightforward process. Simply create a barcode, assign it to an article, and go ahead with a barcode scanner connected. This feature in unTill Air optimises both the purchasing and checkout processes in your retail store.

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