Make a difference for your guest with automation, digitization and efficiency.

POS software for the ultimate experience

Create an unforgettable experience in your museum, cinema, theater or sports club. An automated cash register system that relieves your worries and lets your guests enjoy themselves. Discover the unTill Air cash register system for recreation!

Enjoy every moment

Recreation is all about enjoyment, relaxation and fun! Whether you run a diving school, golf course, gaming hall, bowling alley or swimming pool, you want to fully relieve your guests' worries and that goes hand in hand with unTill Air. Easily add packages, create table layouts or go for direct sales mode without tables.

Ordering has never been so mobile

With the unTill Air app you decide whether you use the cash register on a tablet, telephone or other hardware device. Turn any Apple or Android device into a handheld that allows you to take orders anywhere. Handy for taking orders during the movie or at the bowling alley.

Fast and intuitive

The simple interface ensures that you know exactly how the cash register works within minutes. By creating different product categories, you can switch quickly and ensure that every guest leaves with a smile.

  • Create diverse spaces for every activity
  • Automate discounts and promotions for special events
  • Automate recommendations and create upselling

In the clouds

With unTill Air you have access to your cash register system anywhere and anytime - as long as you have an internet connection. This is because unTill Air is a cloud POS system. Automatic updates ensure that your system is always up to date and works optimally. This way you are assured of a future-proof cash register system.

Secure payment

unTill Payments ensures easy debit card payments and guaranteed payouts. The combination of unTill Air with the Adyen platform is designed to improve the payment process for entrepreneurs. Easily connect your ATM, so that no more mistakes are made when transferring amounts. Receive financial overviews in the Payments dashboard.

Smart management

With unTill Air you gain insight into the performance of your recreational company. Discover which activities or articles are popular, analyze and manage your business with smart insights.

What you can follow:

  • Popular activities, dishes, drinks and more
  • Hourly payment details
  • Reports tailored to your needs

For the sports enthusiast

Fun, celebrating moments and resting after a match. Your club's sports canteen probably has many purposes. Not only athletes, but also family and friends often use the canteen. This is useful if you can easily take, register and pay for orders. The user-friendliness of unTill Air ensures that volunteers, staff and members can work with the cash register system.

Connect your printer or ATM to the device on which you use unTill Air and you have an optimally functioning cash register. Simple, but effective!


Dive into culture, history and science at museums. Museum visitors often go for a day full of new experiences. Many enjoy a lunch or pastry from the restaurant. Discovering becomes even more fun with unTill Air as your reliable partner. Whether it concerns paying for entrance tickets, managing the souvenir shop or restaurant cash register, unTill Air ensures a seamless and optimized experience.


Do you have an event or trade fair planned? With an unTill subscription you have access to a flexible cash register system for just €39 per month. Whether you use an Android or Apple device, downloading the app is easy. Welcome efficient cash register management!

Integrate software for leisure

Would you like to connect other software for QR code ordering, reservations, planning or something else? Discover our unTill Prime package, which offers more than 100 integrations. Our resellers are happy to help you with this.

Try now for free!

You want to be sure that you have found the right cash register system. That is why we think it is more than logical that you would want to try out the system first. Request a trial subscription and try unTill Air for 2 weeks for free. Experience the user-friendliness and useful functions.

Discover the unTill Air experience for leisure

Curious about what unTill Air can do for your recreation company? Our dedicated resellers are ready to answer your questions, provide advice and help you discover unTill Air.

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