Make a difference for your guest with automation, digitization and efficiency.

Stable software for your stall

Do you regularly visit the market or are you the proud owner of a food truck? Then automation can certainly help you. No hassle, just a well-functioning cash register system. Discover the possibilities with unTill Air!

Fast, smart, successful

UnTill Air's intuitive interface allows anyone to use the system within minutes. Tap, swipe and complete an order. The goal is to support your company as best as possible. That's why unTill Air was designed with reliability and flexibility in mind.

  • Cloud-based for anywhere access (with WiFi)
  • Automatic updates to always be up to date
  • Take orders directly from the stall

Handheld freedom

A fixed cash register can cause queues, but not with unTill Air. Transform your Android or Apple device into a portable cash register with the unTill Air app. Whether you walk around with a tablet or use your smartphone, unTill Air turns every device into your sales partner.

  • Quickly switch between product categories
  • User-friendly search function to find products quickly
  • Connect a barcode scanner for efficiency

Always consistent service

unTill Air is your dedicated partner in maintaining consistent service, regardless of the crowds. By using the sales features you can not only increase efficiency, but also improve the satisfaction of your customers. Make every transaction a positive experience and keep your customers coming back again and again.

  • Set recommendations for popular product combinations
  • Create bundle offers or add discounts
  • Accept various payment methods for maximum customer satisfaction

Discover unTill Payments

Measuring is knowing

Real-time insights to drive your sales. This way you know exactly how many jewelry, jeans or cones of fries you sold last week. Whether it concerns clothing, accessories, food or souvenirs, unTill Air shows which items are popular and which items need more attention. Have you introduced a special promotion with a discount? See the effect of this immediately in the reports.

Try now for free!

You want to be sure that you have found the right cash register system. That is why we think it is more than logical that you would want to try out the system first. Request a trial subscription and try unTill Air for 2 weeks for free. Experience the user-friendliness and useful functions.

Curious about what we can do for you?

Our resellers are ready to answer your questions and guide you. With years of experience, they can tell you everything about unTill and provide appropriate advice. Make your market sales not only profitable, but also fun with unTill Air!

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