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unTill Payments: your payment upgrade

Welcome to unTill Payments, where convenience and efficiency come together to elevate your business. The combination of unTill Air with the Adyen platform is designed to enhance the payment process for entrepreneurs. Easy card payments and assured payouts: that's what unTill Payments delivers.

Up and running within 1 day

With unTill Payments, you have the option to start accepting payments within just one day. The smooth onboarding process ensures that you can quickly take advantage of the benefits that unTill Payments has to offer. No waiting times, no loss of income. With unTill Payments, you can optimise your payment process immediately and fully focus on growing your business.

New opportunities for you

Adyen is renowned as a reliable partner in payment technology, boasting a client portfolio that includes leading companies such as Facebook, Uber, eBay, H&M, KLM, and Heineken. This trusted name in both hospitality and retail is now opening its doors to your business through collaboration with unTill. Discover how your business can also benefit from Adyen's services.

A must have combination

unTill Air seamlessly integrates with unTill Payments to provide a comprehensive solution. It is important to note that unTill Air exclusively operates in combination with unTill Payments. If you opt for unTill Air alone, you do not have the capability to accept card payments. unTill Air and unTill Payments ensures that your business can offer the acceptance of all modern cards and digital wallets enhancing convenience for both you and your customers.

Cards & digital wallets

With unTill Payments, you can effortlessly accept payments with both debit and credit cards and digital wallets. The integrated card terminal ensures that the amount is automatically transferred from the POS to the PIN terminal, preventing errors in manually entering amounts.


Whether you're serving dishes in your restaurant or offering delicacies at the market, unTill Payments is designed for you. It simplifies the payment process, allowing you to check out even faster. Additionally, it provides a dashboard where you can view all current data, such as a summary of payment methods and an overview of disbursements.

Smart financial management

All your business revenues are securely stored on the Adyen platform under 'Current balance'. Subsequently, they are transferred to your bank account, as indicated in the Payment Portal, along with the corresponding invoices. Easily track your payouts in the dashboard. No hassle, no worries.

Payment methods

unTill Payments supports a wide range of payment methods, including:

  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • VPay
  • Visa
  • Bancontact
  • Girocard
  • Digital wallets
  • And more...


Transactions are often processed more quickly as card payments eliminate the need for handling cash and providing change. The connected PIN terminal avoids errors, as you no longer have to enter the amount manually.


unTill Payments supports a broad range of payment methods, catering to diverse customer preferences. This versatility ensures that your business can accommodate various types of transactions, including debit cards and credit cards.

Financial Control:

The dashboard allows you to keep a close eye on your finances. You can access real-time data, including summaries of card payments and payment methods. This level of control helps you make informed decisions about your business.

Secured payouts:

unTill Payments ensures that your business earnings are securely stored on the Adyen platform and then transferred to your bank account. The regular payout schedule contributes to better cash flow management.

Reliable partner (Adyen):

The collaboration with Adyen, known for its reliability and serving major companies globally, ensures confidence in the payment process. You can benefit from the expertise and reputation of Adyen in the payment technology industry.

Quick onboarding:

With unTill Payments, businesses have the opportunity to start accepting payments within just one day.


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